Tired of constantly organizing your project files, creative assets but never finding them?

Sort automates your file organization so you can focus on being creative!

Available For Mac & Windows

I try to keep things project based but this would actually really help

Lauren Brewer, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Really excited to use the app

Ranjithkumar Matheswaran, UI/UX Product Designer & iOS Developer


De-Clutter your files

Stop wasting time wondering what goes where and get more work done !
Sort automatically tags your files so you don’t have to spend time tagging them


Works with

Maintain versions effortlessly

Create new versions automatically so you never have to find the final file again

Uses Git
Sort uses Git to manage your file versions

Works with

Find Files Quickly

Find what you’re looking for, without going through a sh*t ton of folders. It’s extremely easy with automated tagging.

Files stay on your computer

Sort works with the files on your computer without uploading anything to the cloud so you can still access all your files from the finder/explorer


Works with


But I have all my files organized!
Sort works with your existing file structure without uploading to the cloud and provides a better way to easily and quickly manage your files
How much time does it take to set up?
NONE ! Just import your files in Sort and it automatically detects how you have your files organized and adapts to that
Will this take over my files?
No, Sort works with with the existing files and you can still access all your files using the finder
Will you upload to the cloud?
No, all your files stay on your computer, dropbox or google drive.
Are my files secure?
Yes, nothing gets uploaded to the cloud so all your files are safe and secure
How can I help?
I would love to get feedback from you and if you’re a designer or developer, email me at sam@trysort.com